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This website is about the good, the bad, and the ugly of nuclear weapons. The website should be fully operational by the end of September 2021. It's initial launch for access, testing and first site registrations is 8th August 2021 a year after the publication of the book Nuclear Weapons and International Law (3rd edition), and coinciding with the publication of the book TPNW - Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: Moving Forward.

Nuclear Weapons Register 

The Nuclear Weapons Register has been set up to hold information about companies, organizations, government departments, individuals, and any other entities involved in any activity related to nuclear weapons.

Examples of activities are: planning, approving, financing, researching, designing, developing, deploying, possessing, threatening use, promoting, using nuclear weapons. ANYTHING  that contributes to the world having nuclear weapons.

Entities involved in any of these activities that help nuclear weapon existence include individuals, members of decision-making bodies such as governments, parliaments, national or regional congresses

The Good

The Register is also concerned to capture information about individuals and organizations actively working to rid the world of nuclear weapons. Please report individuals, organizations and other entities working to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

Create an article and participate

As you have got to this website you may be someone concerned to know whether or not you have been listed for investigation of involvement with nuclear weapons. If you are, you may want to contribute an article of information to help with the investigation.

You may have come to this site because you are concerned and/or active in trying to rid the world of nuclear weapons. Submit your thoughts, articles, suggestions that can contribute to ridding the world of nuclear weapons.

As this site develops it will have a discussion forum to provide an opportunity for everyone registered with the site to participate in the discussions. For thoise who believe in nuclear weapons, your thoughts about how anything to do with nuclear weapons can be considered to be legal under international law will be welcome also. 

Has your country signed and ratified the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons?

If so, write and congratulate those who have taken the decisions to sign and ratify.

If not, the campaign tirelessly for your government to become a State Party to the Treaty. You can check the status of your country on the ICAN website. A majority of the world's countries (122) voted in favour of the Treaty in the UN General Assembly, 86 of which have already signed TPNW. Many of those have not yet ratified (the ratification can take a long time is some countries). The world's remaining countries still need to sign up and join TPNW.

Send in your information

Send in for registration the identities of any individuals, companies, or organizations you believe to be involved with nuclear weapons. We need more than simply lists of names; we also need to know about any evidence you have in order to create a listing and commence investigation.

Learn more

As this site develops, it will have a Learning Zone that identifies resources to learn about nuclear weapons, how their production and deployment are maintained, and what people are doing to rid the world of them.

Send your information

You can make your contribution to thye Register by sending your information to:

Registrar [at]